Lyssup International Portugal

Digital Economy and Internet Business for SMEs

(Small and Medium Enterprise)
Duration: 4 semesters, Intake: October 2023

●Develops skills in information management and information systems management.
●Provides expertise in innovating, implementing, managing, and controlling SME projects involving business on the internet.
●Covers management of SMEs, coordinating tasks and people, modeling management information architecture, developing digitization strategies for commercial areas, and designing commercial models and business plans for SMEs.
●Teaches effective management of SME business projects, managing innovation and entrepreneurship, and managing management information systems in an SME.
●Provides the skills to collaborate in different management processes related to digital commerce.
●Teaches calculating financing and investment rates, using statistics as a management tool, and effective communication for different audiences.

● Develops a Business Plan for SMEs to support business strategies and manage sales teams.
● Helps to systematize an SME’s information needs, assess the role of the organization, and design digital trade models and processes in SMEs.
● Develops project plans for SMEs, configure tasks, resources, costs, and constraints, and master the reporting of project execution in an SME by identifying deviations and implementing appropriate corrective measures.
● Promotes knowledge management and innovation in an SME and the development of interest groups.
● Provides potential career opportunities as a management technician specializing in Digital Commerce, digital marketing plan developer and manager, online store manager, social network, and online campaign manager, and entrepreneurship – creation of the business itself.

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