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Part-Time Jobs

There are several part-time job opportunities available for English-speaking students in Porto and Braga.

  • Customer Service Representative: Working in customer service roles, such as call centers or customer support, is a common option. The average hourly wage for customer service jobs in Portugal is around €5 to €8.

  • English Tutor: Providing private English tutoring to local students or individuals looking to improve their English skills can be a viable option. The hourly rate for English tutoring can range from €10 to €20, depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Language Interpreter: Students with language skills can work as interpreters for events, conferences, or business meetings. Hourly rates for language interpreting vary but can range from €8 to €15.

  • Restaurant/Bar Staff: Working as a waiter, bartender, or in other positions within the food and beverage industry is a common choice. Hourly wages for these positions can range from €5 to €10, depending on the establishment and tips received.

  • Delivery Driver: Working as a delivery driver for food delivery services or courier companies is another option. Hourly rates for delivery jobs can range from €5 to €10, and additional earnings may come from tips or bonuses.

  • Administrative Assistant: Students with strong organizational and administrative skills can seek part-time positions as administrative assistants in offices or companies. Hourly wages for such roles can vary but typically range from €6 to €10.

It’s important to note that wages may vary depending on factors such as experience, the specific job role, and the employer. Additionally, part-time job availability may fluctuate based on the current job market and demand. It’s recommended to research local job listings, websites, and consult with university career services for up-to-date information on available part-time job opportunities.


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