Lyssup International Portugal

Degree Business Management

The Bachelor of International Business Administration (IBBA) program in Portugal offers an innovative, comprehensive, and hands-on learning experience for those who want to work abroad after graduation or simply want to learn about business. 

Duration: 6 semesters, Intake: October 2023
  • Develops deep knowledge in support areas and business management, specializing in chosen projects.
  • Develops advanced fitness in problem-solving, emotional management, negotiation, and critical thinking.
  • Qualifies students for responsibility functions in various areas of business management.
  • Provides personal and professional skills to intervene in business management with autonomy and social sense
  • Faculty consists of doctorates, specialists, and highly qualified guests.
  • Participates in scientific extension and community intervention activities.
  • Develops training, research, and experimental development activities.
  • Resolves practical cases to promote applied research and student autonomy.
  • Professional outcomes include business management, accounting and financial management, marketing management, project management, and entrepreneurship
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