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Digital Economy and Internet Business for SMEs

(Small and Medium Enterprise)
Duration: 4 semesters, Intake: October 2023

●Develops skills in information management and information systems management.
●Provides expertise in innovating, implementing, managing, and controlling SME projects involving business on the internet.
●Covers management of SMEs, coordinating tasks and people, modeling management information architecture, developing digitization strategies for commercial areas, and designing commercial models and business plans for SMEs.
●Teaches effective management of SME business projects, managing innovation and entrepreneurship, and managing management information systems in an SME.
●Provides the skills to collaborate in different management processes related to digital commerce.
●Teaches calculating financing and investment rates, using statistics as a management tool, and effective communication for different audiences.

● Develops a Business Plan for SMEs to support business strategies and manage sales teams.
● Helps to systematize an SME’s information needs, assess the role of the organization, and design digital trade models and processes in SMEs.
● Develops project plans for SMEs, configure tasks, resources, costs, and constraints, and master the reporting of project execution in an SME by identifying deviations and implementing appropriate corrective measures.
● Promotes knowledge management and innovation in an SME and the development of interest groups.
● Provides potential career opportunities as a management technician specializing in Digital Commerce, digital marketing plan developer and manager, online store manager, social network, and online campaign manager, and entrepreneurship – creation of the business itself.

SME Marketing and Sales Management

Duration: 4 semesters, Intake: October 2023

1. Technical qualification in Sales Management and Marketing for SMEs.
2. Ability to collaborate in the commercial department of an SME.
3. Leadership and management of sales teams.
4. Creation of mechanisms to enhance innovation in sales teams.
5. Implementation of market-oriented communication systems.
6. Application of sales and negotiation techniques.
7. Management of service products with differentiation.
8. Understanding and application of principles of leadership and motivation.
9. Identification of legal framework for SMEs at national and international levels.
10. Collaboration in internationalization processes of an SME.
11. Calculation of financing and investment rates.
12. Career opportunities include support for commercial and marketing directorates, commercial technician, marketing assistant, sales team manager, and entrepreneurship.


Graduates can apply their knowledge in various industries, including retail, e-commerce, advertising, consulting, and manufacturing. They can work in both established and startup businesses, supporting sales and marketing teams, managing service products, and leading sales teams.

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